Cornerstone Specialty Insurance Services, Inc.
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Cornerstone Specialty Insurance Services, Inc.

Client Services

Our goal at Cornerstone is to provide our clients with superior professional service designed to control the cost of insurance and reduce the risk of loss. To achieve this goal, we provide our clients with a number of value-added services including:

Certificates of Insurance

At CSIS we understand how important quick, accurate certificates of insurance are to the day-to-day running of your business. Click here to download our Certificate Request Form and/or to find out about our 24/7 Online Certificate Issuance Service (Coming Soon!).

Contract Review

As an on-going service, Cornerstone examines leases and contracts as they relate to insurance events or liabilities for clients. In doing so, we are providing advice with respect to insurance only. Please contact your attorney for legal opinions or interpretations.

Insurance Summaries

Upon written request, Cornerstone will prepare summaries of insurance policies highlighting the coverage provided by the insurers. These are reference and discussion documents only. It should be noted that the actual policies define the coverage and set forth the terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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